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The Importance Of Preventive Care

Want your teeth to be in top-notch condition? No problem, your Waukesha, WI, dentists can help!preventative dentistry

Preventative Care:

You should have an oral and dental examination every six months. In addition to visiting your doctor, maintaining a healthy oral habit is essential. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day; brush your teeth after you eat breakfast and before bed with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Spend two full minutes brushing your teeth and tilt your brush at a 45-degree angle to ensure you remove as much food debris as possible. Flossing your teeth before bed will also help preserve your teeth and reduce the buildup of plaque.

In addition to oral hygiene, avoid eating sugary foods, like sodas and candy. Resort to a healthier diet, like apples and carrots, which help scrape off tartar from the surface of your teeth, and drinking water, which can wash away food particles.

In addition to your personal hygiene and diet, your family dentist provides procedures that can help reduce tooth decay as a preventative measure:

Preventative Care Procedures in Waukesha:

Fillings and dental bonding help preserve your teeth for more years to come. They, however, require the same care as all your teeth.

In order to prepare your teeth for the composite, your family dentist will:

  • Clean your teeth to ensure they're plaque-free.
  • Then they'll etch your teeth with an acidic gel that will open pores on the surface of your teeth.
  • The dentist will then rinse the etching material with composite resin that matches the color of your teeth.
  • The last step consists of the composite being hardened in place with a curing light and shaping your teeth into the right form.

Advantages of Fillings and Dental Bonding:

  • They can be accomplished in one visit; the procedure may take about 30 minutes to an hour
  • The composite strengthens your teeth, so you don't have to worry about applying too much pressure
  • The composite also fixes issues like: chips and cracks, fractures, decays, and discolored, stained and short teeth


For more information about preventative care, call our Waukesha, WI, family dentists Dr. Joel Jahimiak, Dr. Cathleen Raz and Dr. Kendra Loch today to schedule an appointment!

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