Advanced Dental Technology


One Visit Restorations including CEREC Omnicam

CEREC is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in modern dentistry. It is a CAD/CAM computer system which allows us to generate superb quality porcelain restorations (crowns, onlays, veneers) in a single visit.

What are the advantages?

• Single appointment restoration

• Natural tooth colored porcelain filling

• No messy impressions or plastic temporaries

• Closest filling material to natural tooth available

• Precise computer generated fit allows preservation of tooth structure

• 15 years of positive clinical research

waukesha, WI CEREC CEREC waukesha, WI

How does it work?

CEREC is a camera, computer and precision manufacturing machine all in one. We use CEREC’S built in camera to take a picture of the damaged tooth. Using this image, the CAD (Computer Assisted Design) function of the CEREC designs the porcelain restoration. Then, the CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing) function mills the restoration out of a block of porcelain. We check the crown in your mouth tp make sure it fits properly before sintering and glazing it in our oven. This process increases the strength of the porcelain and provides the esthetic finish. We then bond the crown/filling to your tooth and are finished!

For more information about this amazing technology, visit the CEREC website.

What this means for you:

• One visit needed

• No messy impressions and temporary restoration that is likely to fall out

• Esthetic results

• Among the strongest and hardest porcelain available

Digital X-Rays

Our office is equipped with advanced digital x-ray technology to deliver the highest quality images under the lowest levels of radiation. We use Schick 33 sensors which produce the clearest xrays on the market today. Digital radiographs produce between 1/10th and 1/100th of the radiation of conventional x-rays making them safer, quicker, and easier than in the past. With a variety of image customization options, digital x-rays are also more diagnostic than processed film.

When we take a digital radiograph, the image is immediately available on the computer in the treatment room. This will allow your dentist or hygienist to quickly and thoroughly review your films and include you in discussion about the results.

waukesha, WI schick 33 CEREC CEREC xrays waukesha, WI

In-Office Whitening

This procedure is performed in our dental office. An in-office whitening treatment includes the use of a whitening lamp to enhance the effectiveness of the whitening gel by accelerating the peroxide.

During the office visit, we will apply the whitening gel and shine a light source directly onto the teeth. The entire office visit generally takes about 90 minutes with immediate results.

DiagnoDENT Fluorescent Laser Cavity Detection

Detecting caries on the occlusal (biting) surface of teeth can sometimes be challenging due to the nature of the deep pits and fissures found on the surface of posterior molar teeth. The DiagnoDENT helps us in caries detection at an early stage. We have spent years calibrating our detection methods to ensure a high degree of accuracy. Often, fluorescent detection can discover carious lesions that are invisible to the human eye. Because of our ability to detect decay early, we only need to remove a small amount of tooth structure. In contrast, if we were to wait until the lesion is visible and we can feel it with an instrument, the lesion will be dramatically larger and have penetrated much closer to the nerve of the tooth.

We have invested in this technology because:

• It is over 90% accurate before user calibration (meaning we have even higher accuracy clinically)

• It is minimally invasive

• Works to supplement other caries detection techniques to allow earlier diagnosis and treatment

• Standardized measurement of tooth densities using laser fluorescence allows us to monitor results over time

What this means for you:

• Early caries detection

• Smaller fillings

• More conservative tooth preparations

• Saves you future money

Cavitron Ultrasonic Cleaners

One of the best advances in dental hygiene technology is the ultrasonic scaler. This device vibrates at a high frequency that disrupts bacterial membranes and breaks up hard calculus deposits on teeth. The Cavitron is an efficient tool that reduces the amount of time your hygienist needs to spend removing plaque and calculus from your teeth. With several different tip options and a range of water levels and intensities, the ultrasonic cleaner can be customized for each patient quickly and easily.

What this means for you:

• Less time spent getting teeth cleaned

• More plaque and calculus removed than hand instrumentation alone

• Cleaner teeth!

Dental Loupes(Magnification)

We use dental loupes(magnification) when we work on patients to aid in visualization while we are working. Loupes magnify the teeth 3x to 5x their actual size which helps us perform the quality care our patients demand.

Automated Appointment Confirmation and Reminders

We use an automated appointment reminder and confirmation system to help our patients remember their upcoming appointment. The system will remind you of upcoming appointments and also remind you if you are past due for your regular recall appointment. The system works by sending emails and text messages.