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Let Root Canals Relieve Your Pain

Sometimes the suggestion of "If you ignore something, it'll go away" is good advice to heed. When it comes to dealing with a toothache, however, this approach isn't advised by dental professionals, including the dentists at Complete Family Dentistry in Waukesha, root canalWisconsin. Many of our patients aren't thrilled to learn they need a root canal to treat their toothaches; this dental procedure has a long-standing stigma of being painful. Dr. Karen Jahamiak, Dr. Joel Jahamiak, and Dr. Cathleen Raz, your Waukesha dentists, want to dispel this rumor about root canals with the following information:

What is a root canal?

First, it's helpful to understand what exactly a root canal does for your dental health. Also called endodontic therapy, root canals are designed to clear away infection by removing the damaged inner tissues of a tooth. As the infection progresses, it can travel into the roots of the teeth, where the nerve endings are located. By clearing out these tissues, the nerves are no longer affected. However, this leaves the rest of the tooth vulnerable to breakage, so your Waukesha dentist completes the root canal by placing a strong rubber material inside the tooth and sealing it off with a porcelain crown.

Aren't root canals painful?

Like many other dental procedures, there used to be quite a bit of discomfort associated with treatments because of the lack of anesthesia and sophisticated equipment. Today, dental procedures, including root canals from your Waukesha dentist, are typically no more uncomfortable than having blood drawn thanks to a variety of sedatives, anesthetics and pain relievers. Prior to your root canal, and your dentist at Complete Family Dentistry can determine what regimen will best suit your needs.

If you're experiencing ongoing pain with your teeth, don't wait any longer. Contact Complete Family Dentistry in Waukesha, Wisconsin and learn more about how a root canal can fix your problem!

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