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Keep Your Smile Healthy

Here are the easiest ways to keep your smile looking and feeling its best.oral hygiene

Everyone wants to keep their smile healthy for life but not everyone wants to put in the necessary effort to keep their teeth and gums feeling their best. While caring for your smile should be easy it doesn’t mean that the simple everyday actions you perform aren’t important for your oral health. From the office of our Waukesha, WI, dentists - Dr. Karen Jahimiak, Dr. Joel Jahimiak and Dr. Cathleen Raz - find out how to properly care for your smile.

Keep Oral Hygiene Up to Par

Sticking to a thorough oral care routine is one of the most effective ways to reduce plaque buildup and decay. By brushing twice a day and flossing daily (usually before bedtime) you will find that teeth and gums will remain strong and healthy. Also, don’t hesitate to talk to our Waukesha general dentist about mouth rinses or other simple measures you can take to prevent decay.

Eat for Your Smile

It’s always a good idea to examine your diet every so often to make sure that you are getting what you need from what you consume. Everything that you eat or drink can impact your oral health. Foods high in sugar, as well as processed starchy foods can increase your chances of cavities and gum disease. Opt for healthy non-processed foods and limit snacking for a beautiful, happy smile.

Ditch Bad Habits

Whether you are someone who uses their teeth to open everything from plastic packaging to bottle caps or you are a smoker, these are all habits that can cause problems for your smile. If you use your teeth as tools or if you grind your teeth you leave your smile-prone to injury or damage, while those who smoke or are heavy drinkers may find an increase in decay, bad breath, gum disease and other issues. If you are having trouble ditching these habits, give us a call. We would be happy to offer up some helpful advice.

Complete Family Dentistry in Waukesha, WI, is here for your whole family’s dental health every step of the way. Whether you are considering braces for your child or you just need a routine cleaning, we can handle it all. Call our office today!

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