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Do Root Canals Hurt?

You’ve probably heard stories about root canals. Let us tell you the truth behind this dental procedure.

Finding out that you need to undergo a dental procedure can make people feel a bit anxious, but our Waukesha dentists Dr. Karen Root CanalsJahimiak, Dr. Joel Jahimiak and Dr. Cathleen Raz are here to put your mind at ease. If an upcoming root canal has you a little nervous, take a deep breath and read on.

Why a Root Canal

A damaged dental pulp can be caused by injury, decay or infection. The purpose behind a root canal is to save a tooth that has an infected or damaged dental pulp. In fact, a root canal can actually save the overall structure of the tooth and prevent the need for a tooth extraction in the future. And because no restoration can ever be as good as natural teeth, getting a root canal now could be a lifesaver for the health of your smile.

The Root Canal Experience

Before you retract in fear from needing to get root canal therapy in Waukesha, it’s important that you know the truth. Most people coming in for a root canal are experiencing considerable pain and are desperately looking for relief. Contrary to what you’ve heard, a root canal will treat the tooth and actually eliminate your pain.

And if this isn’t enough good news to comfort you, know that we also treat the tooth under local anesthesia so that the entire area will be numb while we perform your root canal. Getting a root canal is really no more invasive than treating a cavity.

Whether you have questions about your upcoming dental procedure or you need to book your six-month cleaning, visit Complete Family Dentistry in Waukesha, WI to address all of your family’s needs. A root canal shouldn’t be scary. We are here to make any dental procedure you have a whole lot easier.

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